Photo: Hugo Silva

Júlio Resende

Júlio Resende is one of Portugal's most internationally acclaimed musicians, with nine albums already released, in a journey that begins in Jazz, passes through Fado and Spoken Word, in a continuous quest for the perfect place that never exists.
After recording his first three solo projects in jazz trio and quartet formats, he decides to explore improvisation in other musical genres, such as Fado. Drawing on themes from Amália Rodrigues, Júlio Resende presents new challenges: bringing Fado to the piano. "Amália por Júlio Resende," released in 2013 by Valentim de Carvalho, was unanimously acclaimed by the entire Portuguese music critics.
Following his first solo project integrating Fado and Jazz, Júlio Resende released his fifth album in 2015 - "Fado & Further" - featuring the Catalan artist Sílvia Pérez Cruz, one of Spain's greatest singers.
His sixth album merges words and poetry in a happy encounter with Psychiatrist and Sexologist Júlio Machado Vaz. "Poesia Homónima" (2016), with poems by Eugénio de Andrade and Gonçalo M. Tavares, in the unmistakable voice of Júlio Machado Vaz, accompanied by Júlio Resende's piano improvisation.
Inspired by the English poetry of Fernando Pessoa, he forms a pop-rock band with influences of indie and electronic music, named Alexander Search, one of Pessoa's most important heteronyms. The album, released in 2017, entered directly into the third position of the national sales chart.
"Cinderella Cyborg," an album released in 2018, is a musical adventure, blending the acoustic sounds of piano, drums, and double bass with electronic sounds of pads and chips. In 2019, pianists Júlio Resende and Maria João Pires performed together in a unique show, a musical dialogue seeking to create a new "concert concept," with improvisation, fantasy, and inspiration.
2020 was the year when Júlio Resende released the album "Júlio Resende - Fado Jazz Ensemble." This unique project in the world of Jazz and World Music synthesizes a dialogue between Jazz and Fado. The instrumental ensemble consists of a Jazz trio - piano, double bass, and drums - along with the distinctive Portuguese guitar.
In 2022, Júlio Resende released his album "Fado Jazz" by the label ACT Music, receiving great international acclaim.
His last album, "Filhos da Revolução", was released in 2023 by Sony Music and ACT Music.
  • JUNE 14 FRIDAY 9:00PM
    Auditório Fernando Lopes-Graça
    Júlio Resende and Fado Jazz Ensemble