2023 Edition



A hundred years ago, just like today, the world was in convulsion. At a national level there were successive episodes of political agitation and strike activities. Radical ideologies were being organized and gaining prominence. The newspaper O Comunista was born, the official journal of the newly formed PCP. The first issue of the fascist magazine Ideia Nova was published, driven by Benito Mussolini's rise to power in Italy.
It was in this context that three remarkable poets were born in Portugal who would become essential protagonists in 20th century Portuguese culture: Mário Cesariny de Vasconcelos, Natália Correia, and Eugénio de Andrade. Three great names that we will honor in this 2023 edition of the Capuchos Music Festival. We will thus continue, on three consecutive Sundays, the already emblematic Capuchos Talks.
We will be wondering question what is between Us and the words in the session that will bring together three profound connoisseurs of Cesariny's work: poet and art critic Bernardo Pinto de Almeida, sculptor and editor Manuel Rosa, and essayist and university professor António Feijó, current Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gulbenkian Foundation. In the second session, dedicated to Natália Correia, The Voice of the Motherland will be evoked by a close friend, her wedding godmother and executor, the architect Helena Roseta, and the writer Filipa Martins, author of the recently published biography of Natália entitled "The Duty to Dazzle". The last of the three Capuchos Talks will feature Eugénio de Andrade and his words - Um cristal, um punhal, um incêndio, orvalho apenas - and will bring together the poet and university professor Golgona Anghel and the essayist Arnaldo Saraiva, who was a personal friend of Eugénio. Three Sunday afternoons, three literary conversations, three tributes to important literary figures in Portuguese literature, in the year that marks the centenary of these three figures: Mário de Cesariny, Natália Correia, and Eugénio de Andrade.

Carlos Vaz Marques
Curator of Capuchos Talks

May 28 Sunday

PM 5:00

Capuchos's Talk 1

Between us and the words

on the centenary of birth of Mário Cesariny de Vasconcelos

with Bernardo Pinto de Almeida, Manuel Rosa and António Feijó
Moderated by Carlos Vaz Marques

June 04 Sunday

PM 5:00

Capuchos's Talk 2

"Mátria" voice

on the centenary of birth of Natália Correia

with Helena Roseta and Filipa Martins
Moderated by Carlos Vaz Marques

June 11 SUNDAY

PM 5:00

Capuchos's Talk 3

A crystal, a dagger, a blaze, merely dew

on the centenary of birth of Eugénio de Andrade

with Golgona Anghel and Arnaldo Saraiva 
Moderated by Carlos Vaz Marques