Alexandre Frazão

Alexandre Frazão is originally from Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and moved to Portugal at the age of 19 in 1987, where he has been based ever since. While still in Brazil, he attended the Conservatory in 1984. Frazão also studied with Alan Dawson, Kenny Washington, and Max Roach.
In Portugal, he primarily focused on jazz and improvised music, collaborating with, among others, Maria João, Mário Laginha, Bernardo Sassetti, Carlos Martins, Laurent Filipe, Rodrigo Gonçalves, Carlos Barretto, Ficções, Dave O’Higgins, Perico Sambeat, Jon Freeman, and Mark Turner. Due to his versatility, he is often sought-after for recordings with musicians from other musical backgrounds, he worked, for example, with Resistência, Pedro Abrunhosa, Rui Veloso, Ala dos Namorados, Nuno Rebelo, Rão Kyao, Júlio Pereira, Joel Xavier, and Tim Tim por Tim Tum with Jim Black.
While he has participated in numerous albums by other artists, notable milestones in his career include Bernardo Sassetti's "Nocturno," Mário Delgado's "Filactera," Maria João and Mário Laginha's "Undercovers," Pedro Abrunhosa's "Tempo," and the DVDs of Rui Veloso "O Concerto Acústico" and Ala dos Namorados "Ao Vivo no S. Luiz."
In 2002, he co-founded the Trio TGB (Tuba, Guitar, Drums) with Mário Delgado and Sérgio Carolino, which recorded an album of the same name.
With the various groups he has been a part of, Frazão has performed extensively in Portugal and abroad, including in France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, China, Belgium, and Denmark, participating in numerous festivals such as Jazz em Agosto, Festival Europeu do Porto, Jazz em Serralves, and Festival Internacional de Macau.
Currently, Alexandre Frazão is involved in the Tim Tim por Tim Tum (drum group) and the Led On group, paying tribute to Led Zeppelin, while maintaining regular activity with other artists in jazz and other musical genres.
Alexandre Frazão is a versatile musician who expresses himself not only in the various languages of jazz but also in other styles of music, from pop to rock, or from traditional Portuguese music to experimental styles, creatively utilizing various drumming techniques to convey a highly elastic conception of rhythm and texture.
  • JUNE 14 FRIDAY 9:00PM
    Auditório Fernando Lopes-Graça
    Júlio Resende and Fado Jazz Ensemble