2022 is a bountiful year in relevant literary anniversaries. We have selected three from the lot, by which we aim to evoke the written word through three successive Sundays, in two instances relating to the musical program that immediately follows. In this year’s Capuchos Festival, we wish to celebrate and debate three first-rate authors, with two of them belonging to the Portuguese literary heritage, albeit centuries apart: Luís de Camões, whom we evoke by way of the 450th anniversary of the 1st. edition of his mammoth ‘Lusíadas’ epic poem, a groundlaying work for Portuguese collective identity; and the 100th anniversary of the birth of novelist Agustina Bessa Luís. The third author is Marcel Proust, on the 100th anniversary of his death. His demanding, inescapable seven-volume ‘In Search of Lost Time’ still captivates readers, generation after generation, to the same extent that it shuns those who still haven’t gone through its pages. After meeting here in 2021 to discuss Dante, António Mega Ferreira and Jorge Vaz de Carvalho, two avowed Proust enthusiasts, return for what one expects will be a vivid debate triggered by the interrogation: ‘Who’s afraid of Marcel Proust?’ A week later, we celebrate the fictional genius of Agustina Bessa Luís, whose novels display such a wealth of insights on what it is that defines a distinct Portuguese character/temperament, and what about it is idiosyncratic/universal. Author Hélia Correia intends on proving true her provocative premise that ‘Agustina never really existed’ and she will defend it facing Agustina’s daughter, Mónica Baldaque, herself a writer who authored a memoir about her mother. Our last session is devoted to the epic poem ‘Lusíadas’. Nuno Júdice e Isabel Rio Novo, will elaborate on ‘Camões: The Epic Impulse and His Relevance Today’. Actress Lia Gama will read through selected stanzas from ‘Lusíadas’.

Carlos Vaz Marques: Curator of Capuchos Talks | Translation: Bernardo Mariano

19.06 SUNDAY

PM 5:00

Capuchos's Talk 1

Who’s afraid of Marcel Proust?
on the centenary of death of the author of In Search of Lost Time

with Fernando Pinto do Amaral and Jorge Vaz de Carvalho
Moderated by Carlos Vaz Marques

Photo: Luísa Ferreira

26.06 SUNDAY

PM 5:00

Capuchos's Talk 2

Agustina never really existed
on the centenary of birth of Agustina Bessa-Luís

with Hélia Correia and Mónica Baldaque
Moderated by Carlos Vaz Marques

03.07 SUNDAY

PM 5:00

Capuchos's Talk 3

Camões: The Epic Impulse and His Relevance Today
on the 450th anniversary of the 1st. edition of Os Lusíadas, by Luís Vaz de Camões

with Nuno Júdice and Isabel Rio Novo, reading by Lia Gama 
Moderated by Carlos Vaz Marques