Pedro Teixeira

Pedro Teixeira is one of Europe’s foremost choral directors. He graduated and got his Master’s from ESM Lisboa, while gaining experience conducting the Queluz and Eborae Mvsica choirs. He is particularly associated with three choirs: Gulbenkian Choir, of which he was a member, first, a coach, later, and now guest conducts; Officium Ensemble, dedicated to 16th and 17th century polyphony, which he created in 2001 and leads since; and Ricercare Choir, specialized in modern and contemporary repertoire, which he conducts since 2001. Abroad, he was for six years (2012-18) chief conductor of the Community of Madrid Choir (which serves as the choir for Madrid’s Teatro Real and the city’s main symphony orchestras). His experience in Lisbon (with Gulbenkian) and in Madrid allowed him to work closely with many of today’s leading conductors. With Officium Ensemble, Pedro has performed regularly in some of Europe’s most prestigious early music festivals, such as Laus Polyphoniae Antwerp and Oude Muziek Utrecht. He currently teaches at ESM Lisboa and ESE Lisboa.